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Published: 20th June 2008
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Today like all things hotels, motels, Inns etc need to become highly organized so that they can provide the best to their guests while maintaining profitability

Hotel guest's reliance on technology in the office and home has raised the bar for their travel expectations. Hotels are increasingly being asked by guests to provide them with the same quality of technology they have at home and the work place. For this software's designed for the hospitality industry are a great boon. They help hotels and motels to provide such value-added services as Internet reservations and connectivity to Global Distribution Systems.

The Front Desk Is The Control Center For The Entire Hotel

Front Desk management systems are general purpose software's that can be used at hotels, motels, inns, resorts, lodges, and bed & breakfast operations. These systems are the control centers or pulse of the whole hotel management.

This software is ideal solution for all kind of property. Main features include: Quick check-in/out, hotel status from the main menu, Direct billing, Expense management, Transaction management with insert, delete and edit features, back up and resort of data, importing and exporting of guest data and many more

Front Desk management systems integrate many critical functions to provide the highest level of speed and service available today. Using the system's advanced technology, front desk personnel can make reservations, check guests in and out, process credit cards, issue keys, and perform other property management tasks with ease.

Features of Front Desk Management

Though there are many Front Desk management systems, the best of them must include certain features

  • Check in Check Out More Details

  • Reservation

  • Group Management/ Operations

  • Direct Billing/ City Ledger

  • Full network support

  • Multiple rate & rate type support in single stay

  • Comprehensive User Management

  • Well designed back up and restore database operation

  • Transaction management with insert, delete & restore feature

  • Expense Management

  • Easy to Configure Software

  • House Keeping Reports

  • Guest Message

  • Address Book

  • Guest Feedback

  • Document and Emailing

  • Query Module

  • Night Audit Reports

  • Travel Agent Information

  • Business Source and Marketing Codes

  • Easy way to keep track of Non Rental Charges

  • Seasonal Rate Types

  • Availability Summary & Stay Information

  • Phone Directory

  • Room Exchange

  • Detailed Tax More Details

  • Manual and Auto Rent Posting

  • Integration with Credit Card Processing software

  • Customized folio notices

  • Cash Drawer

  • Wakeup Call

  • New Card Scanner

  • Guest database with advance search, export & import facility


In a dynamic industry such as hospitality, businesses require Front Desk management systems to deliver performance, scalability, and component integration and ultimately profitability.

Prabhash Bhatnagar is Manager of Sales & Marketing, maker of hotel management system and frontdesk management software handles the key aspects of the running of client's business, including bookings & reservations, Housekeeping, Spa, POS and generating reports.

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